Thursday, October 8, 2009

Happy Birthday Daddy!

Yesterday was Lee's 35th Birthday!! We had a great evening! First, we ate at Taki Japanese Steakhouse, then came home to red velvet cupcakes from Carefree Cakes in Valley Junction. The boys were really well-behaved at dinner, and loved the 'show' and food!

All day Hudson thought it was HIS birthday, and would randomly sing 'happy burf-day' to himself. I finally got him to sing (while eating), even though you will hear me sing a little.


Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Fall Party

We had a great time in Kansas City this past weekend. My lovely sister invited us to her work for their Fall Party. She works for a toy distribution company, so that was a perk for the boys.

Here is Rachel's desk and the boys checking everything out!

We ate tons of great food, played in the bounce house, and got spider tattoos, but I do have to say, these two costumed cuties were the highlight of my evening!

Here they are with Aunt Rachel

Me and my baby sister!

The boys went to bed way too late, but we had a blast!

The next afternoon it warmed up so we headed to the park and then did a little bit of shopping.

Rachel's dog Parker

When we got home Lee had swapped the office and the nursery rooms upstairs. Now Hudson has a big boy room complete with a toddler bed! That was on our to-do list this week, so I am so thankful it's done!

Hope everyone had a great weekend. We sure did!!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Costume Frenzy

Last week I was in a frenzy (not really, I just like that word).The boys and I were headed to Kansas City on Friday for a Fall Party. We were invited by my lovely sister as her dates. So, I was on the hunt for costumes for the boys, 4 weeks before Halloween! I found Carters cheeseburger outfit on Craigslist, and then had the idea to make Hudson the fries. Only one problemo... I don't sew, my Mother who does is 3 hours away, and the party is 3 days away. I headed to Hobby Lobby and spent pretty much every free moment without kiddos working on this costume. Here is what a few squares of yellow felt, red foam board a hot glue gun and some sticky velcro will get you!

Half way done!


Are you making your kids' costumes???