Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Today we went for Hudson's two year check-up and to my surprise NO shots!! Woo hoo! He is growing like crazy. He is 36 1/4 inches tall (90th percentile) and 29 lbs (60th percentile)! She was super pleased that since February he has grown 3 1/4 inches! Wow! He and Carter will both be about 6 feet tall in her estimate. I guess I will always be the shorty of the bunch! I also wanted the food allergy panel done again to see if he has outgrown his peanut or egg allergy. Crossing my fingers on that! Oh well, if things haven't changed, it won't really be any biggie at home. Starting in January he will be going to preschool and that will be a whole new challenge!

By the way, I LOVE our nurse practitioner! Shamrae is so awesome. We were chatting about the boys and how Hudson's test won't be back until next week and I said Lee and I would be gone, that they can just leave a message. Long story short, since my parents will be here taking care of the boys, she gave me her HOME phone number in case they need anything or have questions!WOW! I was blown away. She said "Maybe this will help you relax a little while your gone." Yes, Shamrae it surely will!!

Here is a picture of our dirt digging little boy! I went to upload pictures and found that Lee took this one on Monday night when I was at work! Carter said that Hudson was "really dirty". This isn't even half of it.....

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


We have a great little green and yellow awning truck that comes to a parking lot near our neighborhood every summer. Grimes Corn. It is hands down the best sweet corn we have ever had, and every summer we spend a small fortune for the stuff! This past weekend my parents and sisters were here to celebrate my b-day and we had a couple hours to kill on Sunday before they left. We formed an assembly line in my kitchen and went to work. In one hour we did husked, blanched, cut, and froze 45 ears of corn. I am so excited to have it in my deep freeze for the winter months... if it lasts that long!

My Mom

My sister Valerie...she is going to hurt me for posting this picture!

Carter helped too. He couldn't keep his mits off the corn. I love this "don't even think about touching my corn" look!!

Thanks Mom, Dad and Val for the help!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Birthday thoughts...

Last Monday I turned 31. Yippee...not! I used to love my Birthday, but now not so much! My 20's were awesome and exciting times. I read an article a couple weeks ago about how your 30's are supposed to be your best years. Your children are out of the baby stage, off to school and in activities. (Don't get me wrong, I love these early years, seeing my boys go from tiny infants to independent toddlers, to bug loving, dirt digging little boys!) It did take my mind off how I was feeling sorry for myself for feeling old and I how the future holds so much for us. I am excited and looking forward to see what is ahead!

The boys and I

We spent the evening at the Iowa State Fair, and we had a blast! We saw a few church friends and ate a little bit of everything... well, Lee did anyway! Hudson loved the baby animals and all Carter wanted to do was ride the midway rides....scary!! Both boys loved the "little hands on the farm"and got free treat at the end for all their hard work!

The weather was perfect and I even enjoyed a fat free pineapple whip ice cream cone for my b-day treat!!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Remember last week when Carter fell and hurt his foot? Well, 2 days after the Urgent Care told us that everything was fine, I got an unexpected phone call. Tuesday, just as we were headed out the door, the nurse (of the doctor that saw Carter) called to tell me that they had found some kind of deformity in Carter's ankle x-ray and wondered if he was having any pain in his ankle. I instantly got a huge knot in my stomach and had that sick feeling when you feel like the worst Mom in the world. (Carter has woken me up in the middle of the night on several occasions the last couple months telling me his ankle hurts. I chalked it up to growing pains or one too many jumps at the play land.) She advised us to go to our regular pediatrician and get another x-ray and get his ankle checked out. So after a LONG day last Wednesday of a doctor visit and x-rays at the hospital , they called the next morning to say it was nothing. "Normal?" I questioned the nurse 3 or 4 times before I finally hung up the phone. WOO HOO!! I have never been more relieved! When the nurse and doctor say deformity, the worst went through my head. Especially since of course I felt like it was my fault for not having it checked out earlier. Of course (if you know me well at all) know that I like to have things triple checked out, since the results were so opposite. My Mom works for a group of radiologists and had one of them look at it too. She really respects their opinion, so one of the doctors checked it out for me. They had the same result... nothing is wrong!

On a totally different note. Lee is traveling today back to Lincoln for a funeral. His best friend Jayde's Dad passed away. Please say a prayer for Jayde's family and also that Lee has safe travels. I would have been there, but couldn't find anyone to take my shift at work. Thankfully, we have awesome neighbors and a wonderful sitter to help me out tonight!!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Up, Up and Away!

Tonight the boys and I went to the Indianola Balloon Festival. Here are some of my favorite pictures from the night.

We had to wait for a while for the balloons to go up, but when they did the boys loved it!

This was my favorite balloon... Cancun can't come soon enough!!

This picture was from Sunday when the flights were cancelled because of the wind.

Reach out and touch a balloon.

They have a kids area with games and rides.
I love how Carter is so protective of his little brother.

If you are in the Des Moines area, I highly suggest you go! You can get all the info HERE.

Monday, August 3, 2009

This weekend was one of those that I like to call a drive-by weekend. It goes by so fast you pretty much don't know what happened or where the time went!

Friday night we hung out with some cool friends! We had fun eating pizza, peach cobbler and sitting out on the deck. The weather was perfect! Carter did fall off of their deck and cried unusually hard. It was kinda a weird slo-mo kind of fall. Lee thought he hurt his hip but Carter complained of his foot. By the end of the night he was tired, but didn't really complain too much.

Saturday morning Lee and I braved a spin class at the YMCA. I went last week by myself, and Lee wanted to try it. The boys did awesome in Child we might be headed there a lot this month. Before lunch we hit the Carlisle pool. It a great place with a frog slide, 2 larger ones and a shallow area for little ones to splash and play. Too bad it was only 75 degrees. A bit chilly once you have been in the water! Oh well, the boys had fun.
We hung out at the park and had some DQ Cherry Dilly bars for a treat that night! When we were at the park, Carter started to complain about his foot again and how much it was bothering him. I checked it out pretty good and it was swollen on the top and side.
Lee took him to the Urgent Care Sunday morning while I took Hudson to Church. I am glad Lee took him. I was anxious enough about it, and thought for sure he had broken a bone or something. I think it was better for Carter to have a calm presence with him! After 2 hours and 3 X-rays he doesn't have any broken bones, it's just bruised pretty bad. So Tylenol and ice packs for him. Hopefully it won't slow him down this week. He is attending the "I like to move it" session at zoo camp!
We tried to go to the balloon festival Sunday night in Indianola, but the flights were cancelled because the wind was more than 10 miles per hour. To say the boys were disappointed is a major understatement! We will try again this week since we got return passes!

Have a great week!