Monday, October 5, 2009

Costume Frenzy

Last week I was in a frenzy (not really, I just like that word).The boys and I were headed to Kansas City on Friday for a Fall Party. We were invited by my lovely sister as her dates. So, I was on the hunt for costumes for the boys, 4 weeks before Halloween! I found Carters cheeseburger outfit on Craigslist, and then had the idea to make Hudson the fries. Only one problemo... I don't sew, my Mother who does is 3 hours away, and the party is 3 days away. I headed to Hobby Lobby and spent pretty much every free moment without kiddos working on this costume. Here is what a few squares of yellow felt, red foam board a hot glue gun and some sticky velcro will get you!

Half way done!


Are you making your kids' costumes???


Mama Foster said...

i love their costumes! can't believe you made those without sewing!

i saw that cheeseburger costume on craigslist too...i wanted my boys to be hotdog and cheeseburger, but the costume was too big for ben. so i opted for him to just be a fireman and josiah will still be my little hotdog!

The Sneaky Mommy said...

Yep! The felt industry is getting a boost this year! The boys want to be M&M's. I thought it would be cute if they'd be green eggs and ham--maybe next year! Cloe only will dress up as a princess...oh the gift of having royalty in the family!