Tuesday, December 30, 2008

We're back..but off again!

We had a wonderful Christmas!! Just our little family of 4 celebrated on Christmas Eve morning. Santa came to our house for the first time (we usually are at my parents), and the boys were excited. Mrs. Claus was a busy lady...she worked Tuesday night until 11pm and then put a bike and a cozy coupe car together!

That afternoon we headed off to Omaha and Lincoln, but not before we HAD to make a stop at Valley West Mall. I was a little suspicious as to why, but when I opened up a beautiful sterling silver name bracelet with my boys' names... I was so thrilled!

Christmas Eve we spent with my parents and sisters. Lots of fun times with them and good food too!! Christmas Day we went to Omaha to spend with Lee's family. We even had a special guest join us . My Brother-in-law invited a gentlemen that was here from India for 6 weeks working on a project with him over for dinner, since he had no where to go. He prefaced the invite by saying that only if he liked dogs. (The house is filled with lots of big and small dogs when everyone is together.) He said "Oh no, I don't eat dog!"

Christian, Kalynn, Zach, Collin, Hudson and Carter

We came home Sunday night, but are leaving again tomorrow for another fun-filled weekend with family. New Years Eve bowling and maybe even a date night??? (Hint, Hint... Mom and Dad?! Shogun is calling my name before I go on a major diet!)

We hope everyone had a blessed Christmas, and as Carter would say "happy, healthy and safe" New Year!!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Proud of Daddy!

WAY TO GO DADDY!! We are so proud of your two A+'s for your online classes! We know it wasn't always easy, but keep up the good work!
Carter, Hudson & Mommy

Sunday, December 14, 2008


I love everything about the month of December BUT the cold weather. I swear this morning when I got up it was around 50 degrees...yeah! By the time we ate and got ready for church it was in the teens, no joke! COOOOOLLDD!!

We got our tree up. It was a fun and trying experience with 2 little ones. I had Carter hand me the branches. I then put on all the lights (that I had just "tested"). When we plugged it in the whole last strand of lights was out. Bummer... it was a brand new strand too. Oh well. Then came the FUN part. Carter loved helping open up all the ornaments and putting them on the tree, but he wanted to touch EVERYONE. Even the high ones and the ones in the very back of the tree against the wall. It all turned out okay though, and I have to say I think it is pretty cool looking! The next morning, when Hudson woke up he was in awe.He was asleep when we finished it the night before. He wanted to touch it AND throw all the balls! Good thing I bought shatterproof ornaments. The boys still get into "ornament wars" daily, but what do you do??

Sadie (our dog)

I am feeling pretty confident that I am going to get everything done in time for Christmas and maybe even have a few days to relax before the big day! I only have 2 more gifts to buy and 2 gift cards. I normally love to shop, but this year not so much!! Lee has helped out a ton too. He ordered a couple gifts online and went shopping with me a couple times. I found out that I am scheduled to work Christmas eve until 10pm...I am hoping I can get the night off, so we can head to Lincoln or else we may be spending Christmas here.

I am almost done with cards, just waiting for our pictures to add to the letter my lovely sister wrote for me. I gave her the bullet points that I wanted included, but she wrote it. I am not too proud to ask for help... thanks Val!

I started baking cookies and making some yummy treats this weekend too. I am making up about 20 bags for my co-workers. Most of them are single or young college students, so I feel like their mother sometimes. It did make me feel really good that a co-worker from another department and I were talking and I mentioned something about my 3 year old. She stopped what she was doing, looked up and said "YOU have a 3 year old?" Woo hoo! That made my day!

One last thing. We got a call concerning the results of Hudson's genetics testing. They said the 4 tests (Cytomeglovirus, Pendred Syndrome, Mitochondrial Antibody and Conexin 26) that were the "most common causes for hearing loss" all came back NEGATIVE. Of course I cried, because I was happy and sad. Happy because they were negative, but sad because we may never know what caused his hearing loss. Our pediatrician is ordering more tests, so we shall see what comes of it. I am letting it go to an extent, I am not going to worry, cry or (try not) to be sad about this anymore!! We have a happy little guy, whom God gave to us for a reason! oh...Hudson is feeling soooooo much better and is totally back to normal from the scare he gave us over Thanksgiving weekend...here is our little man sitting in the cupboard!

Friday, December 5, 2008


Carter was so excited Sunday morning when we woke up to a lot of snow. Lee, Carter and Pappa Ron bundled up and braved the cold weather to make a snowman. Actually my Dad just scooped the driveway, and Carter watched as Lee did all the work making the snowman! When Carter came in I asked him if he had fun and he said yes, "but it was COOOOOOLLLDD!"
Later Sunday afternoon the snowman started to lean forward, and eventually toppled over. On Monday morning I heard Carter tell Lee "Daddy, how 'bout you go outside and build me another snowman, and I will stand at the window and watch!" I couldn't help but laugh!
Here is my adorable Carter and the snowman Lee made for him.

Monday, December 1, 2008


I know this is a little late by date standards, but I wanted to post and say we have so much to be thankful for this year. We are blessed to have wonderful and supportive family, lots of great friends, and most of all a forgiving and loving God.

We had a wonderful time with my parents and sisters last week and throughout the weekend. A ton of awesome meals and desserts, great bargain shopping, afternoons of resting and watching football... Go Huskers!

Everything was really great until Saturday. Hudson woke up a little cranky and feverish, but I just chalked it up to teething. I gave him some Tylenol and put him down for a nap. When we woke him up several hours later, his cheeks were bright red and he had a major temperature. My Mom and I put him in the bathtub for a bath to bring down his temp and gave him some more medicine. He ate a great dinner with us, but afterwards was really tired and his temp was back. He was shivering really bad, so we wrapped him in a blanket and were watching some TV when he became lethargic. My Mom was holding him, So I got up to call the Ask-A-Nurse and just as I was dialing, my Mom yelled that he was having a seizure. It was the worst thing to watch. It only lasted a little while, but I panicked horribly, my sister called 911 as Lee ran to our neighbors house (she is a nurse). When the paramedics came, Huddy was just really lethargic, like he had no energy left in him, it's hard to explain. They said he should go in to the ER just to get checked out, but that we should just take him. They said they could take him, but that it would be an expensive "cab ride". Lee and I both agreed that we needed to have him checked out, so we took him in. He was looking around in the car, and pretty alert, but still had a temperature. The doctor explained that this happened not because his temperature was high, but because of how fast it spiked, and that your nervous system can't handle it. They checked him out really good and gave him Motrin, and took a chest xray (apparently some kind of respiratory illness in kids is going around). Anyway, he was much better by the time we got home, so we skipped church on Sunday, because we all were sleeping in to make up for the really late night we had. The next day he was better, but after nap time, his fever spiked again and started having the chills really bad. We got him back on the medicine schedule, but at midnight he had a fever of 105.2, the highest ever since this started on Saturday. Thank GOD, his fever finally broke around 6:30 this morning (Monday), and I know this because he was sleeping next to me and I didn't get any sleep because I was so worried about him. I took him in to our regular pediatrician, she ran a bunch of blood work, strep test and poked around on him for a while. She diagnosed him with Roseola. It s a virus that causes, high fevers for 3- 7 days, possible seizures and rash after the fever breaks. Which he fits all the symptoms, except for the red rash. Nothing yet...
He was MUCH better today!! NO fever all day, just clingy and wanting to snuggle. He was actually playing around with Carter after dinner and wrestled with Lee when he got home from work. I am praying that tomorrow is even better than today. He should only get this once in his lifetime, so that is a comforting thought, but we shall see! Only God knows!!
I do have to say that we had the most wonderful, knowledgeable, paramedics, nurses, doctors, and staff that we couldn't have asked for better! We are so thankful Hudson is getting better, and for my parents and sister that stayed with Carter so Lee and I both could be with Hudson.