Friday, February 27, 2009


Boy, am I glad it's Friday! We are packing up today and going to Lincoln for the weekend. I am really excited to see my parents and sisters and help celebrate my Dad's birthday! I am going to make the yummy coconut cake that I posted the recipe for earlier this week. Can't wait!

I took Hudson in back to the doctor yesterday because it was his scheduled 18 month checkup and shots. He still wasn't feeling very well. He has actually lost 3 lbs! I about cried because Huddy is our BIG eater and something must be going on with his tummy! She decided not to do shots because it was the end shots of a series and not a big deal for now. She also ran a strep test (negative) and gave me containers for a stool culture and some other tests. Working in a lab, I have seen pretty much every blood/body fluid, but never have had to collect a sample on my toddler. I was told to put plastic wrap in his diaper to "catch" the specimen. Let me tell ya, it worked like a charm. So now we just wait for the results from that. On a really good note, he slept ALL night and is acting more like himself today. Yippee!!

Well, I better go pack and get ready for our weekend ahead!

Monday, February 23, 2009



Here is the T.P. tower we built! I got this all for free with coupons that doubled, just had to pay tax (which wasn't much) and no, I am not keeping it all! I am giving some away, but don't want to have to buy toilet paper for a while! I am trying to cut down the grocery budget! And one more thing, I went to several Krogers in Michigan, so I wouldn't wipe out the shelves at any store!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Homeward Bound!

Friday morning:
After a week in Michigan we are headed home. Hudson is feeling better today, so we are staying the night at the same hotel we stayed at on our way there. The one with the great kids pool and frog slide! In the morning we are going to brave the snow and wind (that's predicted) and drive to the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago.

Saturday evening:
Here are a couple of pictures from the Shedd. The boys loved seeing all the fish, snakes, turtles and other sea creatures! We are worn out and going to stop and stay another night. We didn't plan on it, but Lee is really tired today, the weather is NOT great and the boys can't stand to be in the car any more (no matter what I try bribing them with snacks or movies).

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Happy 60th Birthday Dad & Grandpa!

Happy Birthday! We love you and can't wait to see you next weekend and celebrate!!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Coconut Cake

I am not a huge fan of coconut, but when I tried this cake, I was hooked!! I made it for dessert last night!! Thanks Abby for the great recipe! I will be making this again!

Angel Coconut Creme Cake

1 box white cake mix
1 8 1/2 oz can creme of coconut (in the alcohol section, make sure you stir really well)
1/4 c veggie oil
3 large egg whites
1 c. coconut

2 c heavy whipping cream
1/4 sugar
coconut for topping

Make cake according to directions on box, but just using egg whites. Pour into 2 9" cake pans or I used a 9 x 13. Bake for 18 min at 350, or until done. When done, poke holes in cake layers with toothpicks or fork tines and pour cream of coconut over cake layers. Cover and refrigerate overnight. Remove cooled layers from pan. Frost with sweetened cream in between layers, on tops and sides. Sprinkle with coconut.

For the frosting: Whip 2 cups heavy whipping cream in chilled bowl and chilled beaters until thick. Add the sugar when it starts to get thick. Do not over whip.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Chuck E Cheese and the flu....

One of the things we promised to do while in Michigan was to take the boys to Chuck E Cheese. Yes, there is one or two in Des Moines, but we haven't been for a long time and wanted it to be something fun and special to do while here. So armed with a coupon, off we went!!

They boys had a blast with all the games and rides.

We found out on our way here that Hudson loves Barney! He even "sings" along and claps his hands to the songs! So cute!!
After dinner later Wednesday night the kids were running around the house like crazy and all of a sudden Hudson started throwing up. We thought maybe he was choking on something, but after he threw up (all over the carpet in the good living room), he was fine and running around again. We thought maybe something didn't agree with him, but as I was putting him to bed, he started getting sick again.. yuck! He and I slept on the floor with towels and buckets and were up pretty much all night. So today we are exhausted!
Lee took Carter to the Science Center of Detroit this afternoon, so Huddy and I could get some rest. They were gone for 4 hours! Lee and his Dad really enjoy that stuff, and I was thankful to get Carter out of the house for a while, so he wasn't exposed to the flu bug Hudson got! No pictures, because they forgot the camera!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Movie and Shopping

We have made ourselves at home here in Michigan! Lee & his Dad took Carter to the movie Hotel for Dogs. They have a little, inexpensive movie theatre close by in Milford, but little did they know that school is out this week. The place was packed! Carter had a great time with Daddy and Pappa Kit! Trish and I also ran to Kroger to snatch some free toilet paper and a few other deals I couldn't pass up while I am here.

Today Trish and I ran to the outlet mall that is about 45 minutes away. I found some great deals! Super cheap boxers at Gap, Tommy Hilfiger Polo's for the boys marked way down, and some nice work clothes for Lee. I have been saving for a while, because I have been waiting (almost a year) for a certain purse to come to the Coach outlet store and I finally found it!! The best news is that it was 50% off! I was excited, but also felt a little guilty too. I know a lot of people (including my husband) who think it is silly to spend $$ on a purse, but I rarely feel guilty buying things for the boys or Lee. So, after much thought, I decided to keep it.

Things are going great so far!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Headed to Michigan

After a fun-filled, party packed weekend, we are on our way to Lee's parents house in Michigan for the week. We sure are going to miss everyone in Ohio... we really had a great time catching up with everyone. It's sad that we aren't closer!

We have a few things on our to-do list for the week and some shopping is in order for me! I have been saving here and there for my trip to the outlet malls with Lee's Mom!

Here's one last picture from the party...too bad you can't see Carter's face.

Saturday, February 14, 2009


Trish and I ran around all morning to get things for the party, so Lee had Daddy duty most of the day. He even got the both boys down for a nap, dressed for the party and brought some things for the party that I forgot!
Everyone had a great time!
The birthday party for Grandma Jane was wonderful! The Christie family and friends had fun catching up, eating good food and yummy cake! Grandma was so thrilled that everyone came from so far away just for her party.
Happy Birthday Grandma Jane!!

Friday, February 13, 2009

We made it!

We made it to Ohio in great time! The boys again surprised us and did awesome with the long car ride! Just as we pulled in Grandma DeMosses driveway, so did Lee's parents, sisters and their families and his brother Nick. Great timing! We were all so excited to finally be here.

Tonight we ate dinner with Lee's cousin Charlie and his wife Danielle. Lee and Char were bestest buds growing up and have remained really close even though since high school they have been many miles apart! They are such neat people! Danielle and I even share the same birthday a year apart! We get along so great it's super hard to be so far away.... especially since they have 3 adorable boys, Joshua, Ryan and Andrew! The boys had a great time playing and Josh even beat Lee at Wii boxing!

The Christie Family
Andrew, Danielle, Ryan, Charlie and Josh

The boys got to bed really late because they got their second wind when we got back to Lee's Grandma's house. We have a big day tomorrow, so more pictures to come!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Half Way

We are currently at a hotel in Portage, Indiana. It's about half way to our destination, Akron, Ohio. The boys did really good traveling so far. We didn't even have to stop once!! They watched movies, took a short nap, ate tons of snacks and teased each other. They eventually got crabby right as we arrived...great timing!

When we got to the hotel Hudson saw the pool and cried for about an hour until we got settled and ate some dinner. He wanted to swim SO bad. He is fearless when it comes to water, which is good and bad. The boys had a great time swimming with Lee. I forgot my suit, so I sat by the edge and took some pictures. I love this one of Hudson... looks like the next Michael Phelps!

Carter liked the frog slide, but is pretty reserved in the water. He hates getting water in his face.

Tomorrow we have another long drive in the car, so I pray that it will go as smooth as today did.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Today I spent the whole day packing, writing lists and re-packing as Hudson would pull everything out of our suitcases. Man, 4 people leaving for 10 days requires A LOT of stuff! We are headed to Ohio and Michigan tomorrow after Carter's Valentine's Party at preschool.

I am a little anxious about the long drive with the boys. We plan on staying in Indiana tomorrow night, so we will see if we get to our destination without any major meltdowns. I still have plenty to do tomorrow morning before we leave, so I am off to dreamland in a few minutes.

I will try and post pictures and updates while we are away! The weekend ahead is jam-packed full of get togethers... so it may not be until Monday when we get to Michigan.

I am anxious to get to Michigan for another reason...KROGER grocery stores! I read several blogs about all the great grocery finds, especially the FREE Cottonelle toilet paper with coupons. I hope we have enough room in the van for all the t.p. I plan on bringing home. More on that later...

Thursday, February 5, 2009


I love sleep! Nap time is wonderful. The boys go down super easy, but I have to wake them or they would sleep all afternoon. I am not afraid to admit that when the boys nap, I sometimes do too. Night time is not so good. It is a huge struggle. The boys don't like to go to bed. Carter doesn't like to sleep in his own bed...EVER. When Hudson wakes up in the middle of the night, he doesn't want to go back to bed. When we have a bad night.. this is what MY bed looks like in the morning...

Don't you just love the mismatched quilt, sheets, comforter, pillows, and kids blankets on MY bed. Maybe we should just let them have our bed and Lee and I take the bunk beds.