Friday, November 12, 2010


It's been a crazy last couple of weeks around here! So to 'catch up' I am going to do bullet points with some pictures thrown in.

- We took a long weekend trip to Minnesota at the end of October. Lee's entire family was there. We came from 5 different states to all be together for the Ohio State football game, family pictures and 3 October birthdays!

- The day after we came home, Carter, Hudson and I came down with the flu and fevers... fun times!

- Lee and the boys had a bachelor weekend while I went home to Lincoln. Both of my sisters were there and we celebrated my Mom's birthday! I bought her this not so cute Halloween decor only because she wanted it every time she went to Hancock Fabric store. I found it for $1.99 on clearance!

-I have been having great success at my craft shows! Last weekend in Lincoln I sold 9 dresses! Here are a couple new fabrics I made this week!

Little blue hearts in the fabric...look close!

Love these fun colors!

- Lee is bravely traveling with the boys to Omaha this weekend. I have another show this weekend. Miss my boys already, but excited for them to see both sets of Grandparents and their cousins!

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une autre mère said...

I'm glad your dresses are selling so well! We LOVE ours! Every time Addie wears it, we get TONS of compliments! And Millie's excited for when she gets to wear it someday too! :) Looks like you guys have been busy! Hopefully I'll get to see you again soon! :)