Sunday, August 31, 2008

Summer Highlights

The last official weekend of summer is here. It's hard to believe that it is over. We have had a great, but busy summer. Here are some of the highlights from summer 2008.

Las Vegas

Lee & I took our first trip together since the kids were born. My parents watched the boys for us while we had a great time. We visited with Nick and Lauren, Lee's brother and his girlfriend and went bowling with them. I loved laying out by the hotel pool, reading a book. We watched the Kentucky Derby, went to the "Price is Right" game show and ate out ALOT! Too bad Carter got sick for my parents and ended up in the ER.

My Brother-in-law Nick and his girlfriend Lauren

Hudson Turns One

We had a huge party at My Mom & Dad's in Lincoln for Hudson's 1st Birthday! We were so glad everyone was able to make it from all over. We can't believe our baby is not a baby anymore. He is walking, babbling, playing with Carter and teasing the dog. His new favorite thing is to sit by the stairs and when you say "No, No Hudson." He crawls up the stairs as fast as his chunky legs can take him! He is the happiest kid ever and we are so lucky to be his parents!

Krondak Family Reunion

My Mom organized a really nice reunion for the Krondak family. It was great to see my cousins and their families and my Aunt Teresa & Uncle Bill who came all the way from Alabama. Everyone brought lots of neat, old pictures. It really made me miss my Grandpa Max & Grandma Alice.

My Mom, Her Aunt Lucille (my Grandma Alice's sister), Aunt Teresa Potter & Uncle Bill Krondak

Me and My cousin Allison

Indianola Balloon Festival

It has become a new tradition in our family to attend the Balloon Festival in Indianola. To be honest, when Lee came home from work one day and said it might be fun to take Carter (then 14 months) to see hot air balloons in humid Iowa weather, I was less than thrilled! Now 3 summers, and 2 happy kids later, I know as long as we live in Des Moines, we will most likely attend!
It is really amazing to see all different kinds of hot air balloons from all over, inflate and "race" for prizes and mainly the enjoyment of the audience. They also have great food like walking tacos and funnel cakes, and games and rides for the kids.
We had a great time again this year and Carter is already asking "If I am good today, can we go to the Balloon Festival?"
Sorry... no pictures. I think they got lost on Lee's old computer :(

Iowa State Fair

My parents and sisters came to Des Moines for my birthday weekend, and we decided to take them to the awesome State Fair. Carter is really into animals and bugs so he loved the Butterfly Pavillion and the Animal Learing Center. He is big enough this year to ride some of the small rides and he thought that was pretty cool. He actually did this bungee cord, trampoline thing. I seriously thought he was either going to throw up or pee his pants until we all started to cheer for him and tell him what a good job he was doing, then he loosened up a little! After he was all done, he said "Mommy, I peed in my pants a lil' bit."

Jessica turns 30

I never understood when I was younger why people "skipped" their birthday's or said they were "29 again". UNTIL NOW... no really I am over it already! It was really nice having my parents and sisters here to help celebrate... and we did! We ate out at Carlos O' Kellys, and then had an awesome cake from Lovejoy's in Carlisle!

Valerie, Carter, Hudson and Rachel

Grandma & Grandpa Pope

Lee & I

Yummy B-day cake

Goodbye summer 2008!

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