Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Eventful Day

We had quite the day at our house today!
My Dad is here this week helping me out while I made doctors appointments and so I can get a few extra things done while he is playing with the boys. Today we headed to the boys' pediatricians office for a double appointment. Carter needed his 4 yr check up and also to get Hudson's 18 month shots that he didn't because he was really sick at the time. Everything went well! Carter is 42 lbs. and 42 inches tall. Hudson is 28 lbs. and got 2 shots, but only cried for about 20 seconds. Next on the list of to-do's was to clean out the garage (my garage sale is coming up soon). Everything was going great until I walked inside for 1 minute and I hear Carter scream bloody murder. He is bleeding from his mouth down his shirt and his top lip starts swelling immediately. We got his mouth to stop bleeding, but it was pretty bad. He had bit deep into the inside of his top lip in a v-shape, and skinned off a layer on the outside of his lip. Of course I don't do well in medical / bleeding / crisis situations... So, I called my neighbor lady who is a wonderful nurse. She came right over and said she would take him to the Urgent Care in just in case. Long story short, he didn't need stitches or anything, just ice and some Tylenol. He is pretty much back to normal tonight and told me it just hurts when he eats and drinks.
Lastly, my other nice neighbor lady mentioned that she was starting a two night a week boot camp! Hmmm... I just needed a little push and she talked me into it!
I am happy to say that I survived the first session. Hopefully the next 10 weeks will lead to a healthier me and a few dropped pounds!!

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Renae said...

Never a dull moment in your house! I'm sorry Carter hurt his lip! Poor guy! I can't believe how much bigger he is than Elli! Crazy! Hope you're well and we really need to try and catch up soon.