Saturday, June 20, 2009

Garage Sale

Wow! We had a super day today for our neighborhood garage sales! It was a little hot and humid, but at least we didn't get rained out. I didn't realize until all the junk (oops, I mean treasures) were out on tables and hangers, how much we actually had. I took some great advice from my friend Katie about her garage sale do's and some of her pet peeves and it really payed off. (If you want to check out those things, click on the words that are underlined and in italics.)

The most important thing I learned was it really helps to spend a little time and effort tagging, folding and hanging items. It seemed like a pain this past week, when every other second one of my trouble makers were peeling tags off things, having hanger sword fights and dragging toys I wanted to sell to every corner of the house, but I am glad I did it. Also, when things are displayed neatly, the shoppers were less likely to rummage and throw things everywhere, like I have seen at other sales.

Even though it was fun, after it was over and things were packed away and taken to the Salvation Army, I breathed a HUGE sigh of relief. Oh, and having a helper is great too! Thanks Mom!

Here are some pictures that I posted on Craigslist of some of our stuff.

Everything on these 2 tables sold, except for a couple dozen things.

I hung up some of the nicer things, and most sold, except for a few of the winter outfits. Apparently, people weren't thinking about winter time since it was 90 degrees today!
Thanks to Lee and my Dad, Carter and Hudson had a wonderful time at the zoo today... and they were out of the way :)


peter marie said...

If I would have walked up to your garage sale, I probably would have peed my pants with excitement! It looks so nice and organized--glad it was a success!!

une autre mère said...

Yay! I'm glad your sale was a success! I only wish I could've been there. I may have peed my pants right along with Abby, (although I have a better excuse since I have a huge baby pressing on my bladder). Everything looked so perfect! Isn't it so great to get rid of so much stuff AND make money from it?!