Saturday, December 19, 2009

Preschool Party and some really UGLY Sweaters

Carters Christmas party at preschool was Friday afternoon. They sang some cute songs, and Carter mostly hid behind the boy standing next to him. Lee and I weren't really sure why. He is really outgoing and LOUD at home, but in some social situations he is REALLY shy.

After the short program was over the kids got to make gingerbread houses. Here is Carter's masterpiece. He was so proud...and then Daddy left it at the Science Center. oops!

Last night Lee & I went to a really fun ugly sweater party. This must be a really popular thing, because I went to 4 Salvation Army and Goodwill stores before I found ONE ugly Christmas sweater. When the older lady ringing me up commented, "Oh honey, you got a GOOD one!" I was excited!
Here is my adorable hubby in his 'too tight' Christmas sweater that I embellished for him.

It's hard to tell in this picture, but my sweater had beads, beads and more beads made into snowflakes and bells all over the sweater. The best part was the brand name...wait for it... wait for it.... HO HO HO. Hilarious!

Today I baked and baked and did some more baking. I planned and gorcery shopped for this day for a week, and then my oven acted up all day. UUGGHH!!!! It kept turning it self off at random times. Hoping a day of rest will do it some good, and my feet too :) Carter was an amazing help. I figured out half way into the day that having him help me instead of shooing him away, made it easier. He loves to cook!

Hope everyone has a good weekend!!

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The Sneaky Mommy said...

I hope you'll be pulling those lovely sweaters out again next year!
The pictures on your side bar look perfect!
Merry Christmas!