Tuesday, December 30, 2008

We're back..but off again!

We had a wonderful Christmas!! Just our little family of 4 celebrated on Christmas Eve morning. Santa came to our house for the first time (we usually are at my parents), and the boys were excited. Mrs. Claus was a busy lady...she worked Tuesday night until 11pm and then put a bike and a cozy coupe car together!

That afternoon we headed off to Omaha and Lincoln, but not before we HAD to make a stop at Valley West Mall. I was a little suspicious as to why, but when I opened up a beautiful sterling silver name bracelet with my boys' names... I was so thrilled!

Christmas Eve we spent with my parents and sisters. Lots of fun times with them and good food too!! Christmas Day we went to Omaha to spend with Lee's family. We even had a special guest join us . My Brother-in-law invited a gentlemen that was here from India for 6 weeks working on a project with him over for dinner, since he had no where to go. He prefaced the invite by saying that only if he liked dogs. (The house is filled with lots of big and small dogs when everyone is together.) He said "Oh no, I don't eat dog!"

Christian, Kalynn, Zach, Collin, Hudson and Carter

We came home Sunday night, but are leaving again tomorrow for another fun-filled weekend with family. New Years Eve bowling and maybe even a date night??? (Hint, Hint... Mom and Dad?! Shogun is calling my name before I go on a major diet!)

We hope everyone had a blessed Christmas, and as Carter would say "happy, healthy and safe" New Year!!

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