Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Spring Cleaning

Here's why I haven't blogged a lot lately! I am working on this list:

Carter's closet:
Store clothes that are too small
Hang up new hand-me-downs

Hudson's Closet:
Store all baby stuff
Go through tubs of baby clothes and organize by size
Store clothes that are too small
Bring up hand-me-downs and wash or fold and put away
Start kids give away pile for GoodWill and a garage sale pile
Organize all diapers (size 1-4) and put away
Organize all new diapers wipes purchased recently (Great sale at Walgreen's!)

Sort, file and store all paperwork for 2006-2009 (Yes, I am way behind on this!)
Organize ALL Scrapbook stuff
Go through books on bookshelf
Clean out closet
Go through every box in the room: sort, toss or shred
Get 4 tier shelf (hopefully free or cheap on Craigslist)
Sort through stockpile and organize on shelf
Clean up Lee's desk
Make in/out box and set up files for current year- 2009
Get computer working - Lee
Set up black and white printer -Lee

Organize Tupperware/containers - toss any that don't match
Organize pantry
Find separate area for dog treats/bones
Clean off top of fridge
Organize dinning out basket of coupons
Organize coupon stash and receipt area (counter next to stove)
Clean and dust the tops of cabinets
Wash curtains
Go through junk drawers and get baskets to fit inside

I will keep you updated on my progress. I took some 'before' pictures of the office. I can't wait to see the transformation!
Writing it all down helps me stay on task and I LOVE getting to cross things off as I go!!

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