Sunday, March 1, 2009


We had fun spending time in Lincoln this weekend.
My parents and sisters were at a wedding Saturday night so we got to see our friends Mike, Trish and Carson Roach. We also got to meet the newest member of their family... Cale!! He is so cute! He looks just like Carson did when he was a baby.

Carter and Hudson had fun playing with Poppa too. He built the boys a fort in the middle of the living room, then when they got bored with that, he brought out the play dough!

Sunday morning my mom broke out the coupons and we headed to Valentino's buffet! If you are ever in Lincoln and want an awesome pizza (and everything else) buffet, go to Val's! It is fantastic! We came back to my parents house and had dessert. My Mom bought some fantastic cheesecake ("cheese pie" according to Carter), and I made the coconut cake I posted about awhile back.

Now we are headed home....

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