Monday, July 6, 2009

Fourth of July.. a big day! Part I

We had a fun, but jammed packed day on the 4th. We started the morning out with the Annual Jeffrey Drive parade. We brought the Jeep that Carter got for his birthday, so no strollers to push this year! Yeah! Poppa Ron filled the back up with candy, so the Carter had fun throwing the candy, and Hudson enjoyed eating about 18 pieces, before anyone noticed! I got to see my friend Renae, and her adorable family! So fun!

My Mom, leading the parade!

The start...

Love this jeep!

At noon, we headed down the street for the picnic. There was a ton of great food, and we had fun chatting with neighbors that we don't see very often. I didn't bring my camera, but there was even a great moment, when my Mom and Shirley (our next door neighbor lady..who has 6 grown kids that we grew up with), did the hula hoop contest! Hilarious!!

After we were all done stuffing ourselves... we headed back to get ready for the second part of our day.

Stay tuned for Part II.....

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