Friday, July 31, 2009

Summer Update

Okay, so by now you probably have figured out that I am not very good at keeping this blog updated! Here is a 'catch up' of what has been happening at our house this July:

For his birthday Poppa Ron and Mama Helen gave him a week at Bug Camp at the Science Center. I was a little worried when he came home the first day and asked me, "Mom, when are we going to learn about REAL bugs?" As the week went on they did a ton of 'bug hunting' and arts and crafts making bugs. He even made a maggot out of paper plates and glitter and pipe cleaners. Pretty cool! Lee and the boys also found this moth when they were out renting a movie. Yes, it's a moth, yes, it's in my house, and yes, my child is holding it. I guess we have a weird appreciation for bugs, thanks to Carter!

He had a speech evaluation earlier this month and did awesome. As of now, he doesn't need any speech therapy. She told us that his speech is progressing nicely, which most importantly means that he is hearing correctly. YEAH!!! He did get a new home visit teacher this month, which took a little adjusting, but now everything is fine!
Hudson is also your typical two year old. One minute he is so sweet and sharing and the next he is having a tantrum for some unknown reason. He is not yet showing any (major) signs that he is ready to potty train, but we do have the little potty out and he has gone twice...for Lee!

Lee is still taking classes towards his degree. He has taken on some home projects, and hopefully will get them completed with the help of his Dad! A couple weekends ago, they started and completed a shed underneath our deck. It will be nice to get everything out of our garage so we can both park in the garage this winter. He has been having fun taking Carter and Hudson to play tennis and go to the park on the nights I work. They have found some pretty fun parks in our area! We also went to our very first I-Cubs game. The weather was so nice and we had free tickets, and best of all the boys loved it. Hudson stood the just about the entire game!

I have been keeping busy tending to our garden. This project has been awesome! I have also been baking a ton. A friend of mine gave me a couple HUGE zucchini, so I have been baking and freezing zucchini chocolate chip muffins, zucchini bread, and have a couple more recipes to try soon. It will be a nice change to have zucchini bread in the winter, rather than our normal banana bread!
Last Thursday, I graduated from my 10 week boot camp workout class. I love/hated every minute of it! Now Lee and I are trying to make the most of our YMCA membership!
I also, have had fun doing play dates with other Mom's from our church. I actually hosted a playtime/picnic at my house for 9 moms and 17 kiddos! It was a beautiful day, so the kids played outside, and we had some fun social time.

Great! Now I am caught up!!

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The Wannabe Redhead said...

Welcome back to the blog-osphere! LOL :)

Love the pics! Wish you could give me some of that zucchini bread!! YUM YUM!

The boys are getting so big! I can't wait to see them!!