Saturday, July 11, 2009

Summer Project

Back in May, Lee and I decided to plant a small garden. He built me a small garden box that is off of the ground so Sadie wouldn't get into it. It turned out really nice. Then a few weeks later when we were going to get 40 - 40lb bags of soil, he threw out his back bending over to pick up his shoes. OUCH! So when Mother's Day weekend came, I decided that I needed to get my garden going! After church on Mother's Day, Carter and I went and purchased the soil, plants and seeds. We got it all put together, while Lee watched from the window (poor guy, I just know he wanted to help). We planted beans, onions, pepper, cucumber, baby carrot, tomatoes and a watermelon.

This is 2 weeks after.

Garden about 2 weeks ago. Currently we have about 20 tomatoes that are still green, but really big. We also have several cucumbers that are growing literally overnight! Onions coming out of my ears, and our watermelon plant is about to take over the whole garden. Lee and I have already talked about expanding the garden box next year!

Look what we got to eat this week...fresh beans!!

This garden has been a blessing for several reasons. One, Carter and Hudson love going out to "take a check" at the garden every morning after breakfast! If I don't go with them, they always come and tell me how much things have grown! Second, both boys' vocabulary is expanding! This is super important for Hudson, but this has also been a great for Carter too. Last, it has given us something to take care of and nurture as a family. It may sound silly, but we have really enjoyed it!!


Andy and Julie said...

I love the garden! We have a very small one this year, but next year I have Andy convinced to do a big one!

The Wannabe Redhead said...

Looks good! I bet you're saving some $ by growing your own veggies! I'm proud!

The Sneaky Mommy said...

Beautiful garden!!! Isn't it exciting to see things grow! I'm totally turning into an old lady that would just love to hang out in my garden all day!