Friday, September 18, 2009


Apparently, Carter has a new friend at preschool.
I get a text from Lee after he dropped Carter off at preschool this morning.
It read:
"Jayden's Dad said she talked about Carter all night last night."
My first thought was he can't possibly be talking about my Carter (there are two in his class this year). Sure enough, he was! Lee described the small, short-haired blond girl with glasses to me. I remembered seeing the bubbly little girl one afternoon after class.
When I pulled up to school this afternoon for pick up, the class was on the playground. Guess who was chasing after my Carter...little blond haired Jayden.
I asked Carter about his new friend and his response: "She follows me EVERYWHERE!"
This is just a cute little story after a rough start to the week for him. Monday he didn't want to go and I spent 20 minutes wiping tears and calming fears before he would walk into class.

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