Sunday, September 14, 2008


This past week I have felt way behind on everything. The laundry piled up, dishes that I normally do in the morning were left, no cleaning or picking up the house occured (by me anyway). This is all because I GOT A JOB! Okay, before anyone falls over or thinks it's about time...wait a just a minute!
I have been thinking about getting something really part-time for a while now, but with the increase of gas and grocery prices, I thought I might as well do it now. It just so happened that Mercy Medical Center had a PRN (as needed basis) job opening in the laboratory. I interviewed, which was an experience since I have been out of the job market for almost 3 years. I was almost nervous about it until I thought to myself, I am 30 years old, this is just a job interview, not something to get all worked up about and end up in the bathroom over!! It went really well, and after my background check and drug screen came back, they offered me the job. To be truthful, the thing that made me accept the job was the pay. With 9 years of lab experience I couldn't get a part-time job anywhere else for what I am making there.

A little background....I started working at St. Elizabeth's Hospital lab right after highschool because I didn't know what to do with my life, since so may people discourged me going to "beauty school"...So, my Mom said "you aren't going to sit around all summer, you might as well make some $$$" so, she steered me toward the job. I started out in processing which handles all the specimens (like when you get you blood drawn at the doctors office or your throat swabed for strep). When St. E's turned over the out lab specimens to Quest Diagnostics, I was one chosen to go to the new location on the day shift. I hated it at first, but grew to love it and made so many really good friends!! Then when a supervisor position in Processing came up at Nebraska LabLinc, I applied and got the job. I worked there for 2 years before we moved to Des Moines, and we decided I could stay home.

Last week was my first week of training and I worked Tuesday - Friday from 6-10 pm. So that left Lee with the boys for dinner cleanup, baths and bedtime. Thankfully, Lee's parents were coming through town on their way home and stayed for 2 night with us! THANKS to Trish and Kit for helping Lee with the boys at night!! It meant a lot to Lee and I and the boys loved having them here! I know Lee is more than capable of taking care of Carter & Hudson, but the extra help is always nice!
The week went good, but fast! I really enjoyed being back in the lab, and around other adults. It took a couple nights to retrain by brain how things are done in a hospital lab setting, but by Friday I was doing things without asking any questions... and my team leader even said that "someone" had commented how good I was doing!! That made me feel good, because the night before I almost left in tears (I put so much pressure on myself to do good, especially since I have done this before).
I have another full week of training this week. I hope after that to be on my normal schedule which is Mon/Wed from 6-10pm.
So in between running Carter to preschool, Hudson's language teacher coming, doctor's appointmets (he got new hearing aids this week), grocery trips, nap times, and now working, the house cleaning had to wait until today. Oh well, such is life!

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