Friday, February 27, 2009


Boy, am I glad it's Friday! We are packing up today and going to Lincoln for the weekend. I am really excited to see my parents and sisters and help celebrate my Dad's birthday! I am going to make the yummy coconut cake that I posted the recipe for earlier this week. Can't wait!

I took Hudson in back to the doctor yesterday because it was his scheduled 18 month checkup and shots. He still wasn't feeling very well. He has actually lost 3 lbs! I about cried because Huddy is our BIG eater and something must be going on with his tummy! She decided not to do shots because it was the end shots of a series and not a big deal for now. She also ran a strep test (negative) and gave me containers for a stool culture and some other tests. Working in a lab, I have seen pretty much every blood/body fluid, but never have had to collect a sample on my toddler. I was told to put plastic wrap in his diaper to "catch" the specimen. Let me tell ya, it worked like a charm. So now we just wait for the results from that. On a really good note, he slept ALL night and is acting more like himself today. Yippee!!

Well, I better go pack and get ready for our weekend ahead!

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