Friday, May 22, 2009

Last day of preschool

Yesterday was Carter's last day of preschool. He had a great year with only one sick day and only one "discussion about name calling" with the teacher!

His teachers told me that his favorite things to do are cutting paper and painting. I figured this out about half way through the year when he would come home covered in paint and his brand new GAP shirt had 2 holes cut into it. My bad, I also learned a few things :) Carter also learned to write his name and the most important thing for us to be more social. He hadn't been around other kids or away from me before, so this was a great accomplishment!

first day of school 09/08

last day of school 05/09

Carter with his teachers Miss Jessica & Miss Megan

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Renae said...

He changed SO much from Sept. to May!! He looks so much older! I wish you could be there on Monday! I'll look for your parents and sister. I think we're all on the same path but start at different times.