Monday, May 18, 2009


We had a nice weekend in Lincoln. My Mom and Dad babysat the boys while Lee and I went to a wedding of a friend, Sarah. The wedding was beautiful and reception was fun. It was nice seeing all of Lee's buddies again, and the boys had tons of fun with Mamma and Poppa! Although, I did something super stupid on Saturday night. I wore my wedding ring and anniversary band, even though it is a bit small. I have worn it recently, but have been able to get it off no problem, until Saturday night. We got home and I went to take it off and it wouldn't, so I tried every little trick I know (I used to work in the jewelry department back in the day), but NOTHING worked. Then, my finger swelled up huge..oops! So I went to bed, even though I didn't sleep well knowing it was going to be worse in the morning. I showed my Mom the next morning and she wouldn't let me go home without getting the ring off. So, she took me over to Urgent Care and they snipped the rings off with some tool that looked like a can opener. Bummer.

We are finally home now for a while. We have traveled the last three weekends and I am exhausted! I need to get laundry done and everything put away from this trip and then on to getting stuff ready for my garage sale. I finally have decided that I am going to sell some of the boys' baby clothes. A couple gals from church had one and did really well, so I am taking all the garage sale tips and hoping to come out with some cash!

Here's my favorite new picture of Carter and Hudson:

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