Monday, August 3, 2009

This weekend was one of those that I like to call a drive-by weekend. It goes by so fast you pretty much don't know what happened or where the time went!

Friday night we hung out with some cool friends! We had fun eating pizza, peach cobbler and sitting out on the deck. The weather was perfect! Carter did fall off of their deck and cried unusually hard. It was kinda a weird slo-mo kind of fall. Lee thought he hurt his hip but Carter complained of his foot. By the end of the night he was tired, but didn't really complain too much.

Saturday morning Lee and I braved a spin class at the YMCA. I went last week by myself, and Lee wanted to try it. The boys did awesome in Child we might be headed there a lot this month. Before lunch we hit the Carlisle pool. It a great place with a frog slide, 2 larger ones and a shallow area for little ones to splash and play. Too bad it was only 75 degrees. A bit chilly once you have been in the water! Oh well, the boys had fun.
We hung out at the park and had some DQ Cherry Dilly bars for a treat that night! When we were at the park, Carter started to complain about his foot again and how much it was bothering him. I checked it out pretty good and it was swollen on the top and side.
Lee took him to the Urgent Care Sunday morning while I took Hudson to Church. I am glad Lee took him. I was anxious enough about it, and thought for sure he had broken a bone or something. I think it was better for Carter to have a calm presence with him! After 2 hours and 3 X-rays he doesn't have any broken bones, it's just bruised pretty bad. So Tylenol and ice packs for him. Hopefully it won't slow him down this week. He is attending the "I like to move it" session at zoo camp!
We tried to go to the balloon festival Sunday night in Indianola, but the flights were cancelled because the wind was more than 10 miles per hour. To say the boys were disappointed is a major understatement! We will try again this week since we got return passes!

Have a great week!

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