Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Remember last week when Carter fell and hurt his foot? Well, 2 days after the Urgent Care told us that everything was fine, I got an unexpected phone call. Tuesday, just as we were headed out the door, the nurse (of the doctor that saw Carter) called to tell me that they had found some kind of deformity in Carter's ankle x-ray and wondered if he was having any pain in his ankle. I instantly got a huge knot in my stomach and had that sick feeling when you feel like the worst Mom in the world. (Carter has woken me up in the middle of the night on several occasions the last couple months telling me his ankle hurts. I chalked it up to growing pains or one too many jumps at the play land.) She advised us to go to our regular pediatrician and get another x-ray and get his ankle checked out. So after a LONG day last Wednesday of a doctor visit and x-rays at the hospital , they called the next morning to say it was nothing. "Normal?" I questioned the nurse 3 or 4 times before I finally hung up the phone. WOO HOO!! I have never been more relieved! When the nurse and doctor say deformity, the worst went through my head. Especially since of course I felt like it was my fault for not having it checked out earlier. Of course (if you know me well at all) know that I like to have things triple checked out, since the results were so opposite. My Mom works for a group of radiologists and had one of them look at it too. She really respects their opinion, so one of the doctors checked it out for me. They had the same result... nothing is wrong!

On a totally different note. Lee is traveling today back to Lincoln for a funeral. His best friend Jayde's Dad passed away. Please say a prayer for Jayde's family and also that Lee has safe travels. I would have been there, but couldn't find anyone to take my shift at work. Thankfully, we have awesome neighbors and a wonderful sitter to help me out tonight!!

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une autre mère said...

Glad to hear nothing's wrong with Carter's ankle! That would be scary to hear there could be a deformity. Thank God he's okay!