Saturday, October 11, 2008

Fun Saturday

Since last weekend I was in bed all day on Saturday with the flu, I was so excited to have something partially FREE and FUN to do this morning. Lee saw that Earl May was having a Pumpkin Festival at all locations. We have one super close to our house, so we got ready and headed there. They had face painting, pumpkin painting, popcorn, free ice cream from Schwan's, a castle jump tent and of course LOTS of photo ops for me to go crazy with my camera. Hy-Vee was also there with hot dogs, hamburgers, chips and drinks for lunch.
Next we headed to Toys R Us for Thomas the Train day. The boys got a whistle (great.. more noise at our house), coloring book and colors. I got to shop while Lee and the boys looked at the train set and found a great deal. They had little boy's slippers on clearance. I found a cute pair for Carter and then looked at the price.... $1.00. Yeah!!! So I looked a little further and found a pair for Huddy too.. $1.00 as well!! I scanned them just to make sure it was true and they rang in at .70 cents!!! Two pairs of slippers for those cold winter mornings for $1.48!!!
I love good deals!!


The Sneaky Mommy said...

I don't think your boys could be any cuter--or more photogenic! Those are the cutest pictures! Good job on those bargain slippers, too! WOW!
(Glad you're feeling better...sorry you were sick!)

The Wannabe Redhead said...

Very cute pictures!! They are so lucky good looks run in the family:)