Sunday, January 18, 2009

From the mouth of Carter...

Carter is our little funny man. He comes up with stuff out of the blue, and when the words come out of his mouth it can be pretty hilarious. Here are a couple conversations from a the past few days:

I was checking Carter's bag from Preschool and found a picture. It was a small, brown, 3x5 laminated card with a few blue and yellow scribbles on it. I said to Carter "Thanks buddy, for making Mom a picture." He replied "Mom, it's NOT a picture, it's a COUPON. We KNOW how you like your coupons!"
I could not stop laughing...

Okay, let me preface this my saying I an not making fun of Carter! I just thought this was super sweet!

We were ready to take a nap, and I asked Carter if he wanted to say a little prayer before he went to sleep. He had been extra "busy" all day and I was trying to get him to be calm and quiet down for the afternoon. He said "Yes, but it's my turn." He closed his eyes tight, clasped his little hands together and began to pray. "Thank You God, for all the bad things I did today *paused* AND tomorrow. Thank you, for the beautiful sky and my swing set. Amen"

I think he meant to say I'm sorry for the bad things..., but I am so happy he likes to pray!

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peter marie said...

That prayer is too cute! I love the things little kids say.
Have a good week!