Sunday, January 18, 2009


We had a nice weekend visit from Lee's parents on their way home (from Omaha returning to Michigan). The boys were so excited to see Mamma Trish and Poppa Kit on Friday night, they started showing off like crazy. Saturday Trish and I planned to go shopping while the boys had a fun afternoon with Poppa and Daddy. I don't normally have a female shopping partner, so I enlisted Trish to help me pick out some new panels for our sliding glass door. We have had vertical blinds, since we moved in 3 years ago, and they are a mess. The boys pull at them, the dog scratches them , and we have several broken ones. I had so much fun at Bed, Bath and Beyond. I could spend a fortune there (but didn't)! We went to Jordan Creek and to Kmart for a few things! It was really a nice afternoon, not to worry about the boys and have a wonderful time shopping! When we came home, Lee and I got ready to go out!! Yes, we actually had another date night! That's two nights out, in less that a month!! Woo hoo! We ate at Cheesecake Factory.. it was soooo yummy!! We wanted to see a movie too, but we waited to eat for a while and couldn't make the movie on time.
Thanks Trish and Kit for coming! We had a great weekend!

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