Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Great News!

Before Christmas, Hudson's Audiologist suggested that we have his speech evaluated. I was concerned that he wasn't talking (only a few words), and she said since their was a great demand for therapy and may take a few months to get in to call for an evaluation. So I called and set up a time.
Over Christmas and New Years Hudson's vocabulary exploded. He went from saying 5 words to about 20. Not everything he says is understandable, but he is trying! Lee and I have really been working with him along with his Heartland teacher Stacey.

Well, today was evaluation day! The day started off a little rough for the both of us. I had to wake Hudson up early because his appointment was at 1:00...right in the middle of his afternoon nap. Now everyone knows how I am about my boys and them getting their rest! Lee lovingly calls me the Nap Nazi! Anyway, so after lunch at 10:30 I put Huddy down for an early nap, so we could be ready for our appointment on time. Blank Children's is way downtown and I wasn't totally for sure where the therapy office was.

In a nutshell Hudson did wonderful! I was a little worried, because sometimes around new people he is shy, but NOT today! He warmed right up to Jennifer (speech therapist). He pointed to pictures, followed simple instructions and named things like balloon, ball, and dog. He pointed to different animals, and lifted his little foot when she asked where his shoes were. He even threw the ball at her and said "catch", which he has never said to either Lee or I before! I just sat back in amazement, thanking God every second! When she went over the results I was super excited. Here's how she broke it down for me:

Auditory Comprehension (understanding): 91%
Expressive Communication (speaking words): 100%
Total Language Score: 95%

Her conclusion right now is that he doesn't need weekly therapy!! They would like to check him again around the time he turns 2, just to make sure things are still progressing!

Today was an awesome day! Lee and I are really pleased that Hudson is doing so well, and that his hearing aids are helping for language development!


Renae said...

That is SO great!!! Go Hudson! I'm SO happy to hear is doing so well!

The Wannabe Redhead said...

Great news! I'm happy it went well!

une autre mère said...

Yay! That is great news! Thanks for keeping us updated!

The Sneaky Mommy said...

Awesome news!!! I'm so glad the appt. went well today! He is so cute and his eyes just twinkle! I love it! By the way, I'm your long lost nap nazi sister! :)