Thursday, February 19, 2009

Chuck E Cheese and the flu....

One of the things we promised to do while in Michigan was to take the boys to Chuck E Cheese. Yes, there is one or two in Des Moines, but we haven't been for a long time and wanted it to be something fun and special to do while here. So armed with a coupon, off we went!!

They boys had a blast with all the games and rides.

We found out on our way here that Hudson loves Barney! He even "sings" along and claps his hands to the songs! So cute!!
After dinner later Wednesday night the kids were running around the house like crazy and all of a sudden Hudson started throwing up. We thought maybe he was choking on something, but after he threw up (all over the carpet in the good living room), he was fine and running around again. We thought maybe something didn't agree with him, but as I was putting him to bed, he started getting sick again.. yuck! He and I slept on the floor with towels and buckets and were up pretty much all night. So today we are exhausted!
Lee took Carter to the Science Center of Detroit this afternoon, so Huddy and I could get some rest. They were gone for 4 hours! Lee and his Dad really enjoy that stuff, and I was thankful to get Carter out of the house for a while, so he wasn't exposed to the flu bug Hudson got! No pictures, because they forgot the camera!

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