Thursday, February 12, 2009

Half Way

We are currently at a hotel in Portage, Indiana. It's about half way to our destination, Akron, Ohio. The boys did really good traveling so far. We didn't even have to stop once!! They watched movies, took a short nap, ate tons of snacks and teased each other. They eventually got crabby right as we arrived...great timing!

When we got to the hotel Hudson saw the pool and cried for about an hour until we got settled and ate some dinner. He wanted to swim SO bad. He is fearless when it comes to water, which is good and bad. The boys had a great time swimming with Lee. I forgot my suit, so I sat by the edge and took some pictures. I love this one of Hudson... looks like the next Michael Phelps!

Carter liked the frog slide, but is pretty reserved in the water. He hates getting water in his face.

Tomorrow we have another long drive in the car, so I pray that it will go as smooth as today did.

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The Wannabe Redhead said...

Michael Phelps, minus the whole BONG thing, right?? :):)

Great Pics---makes me want to get my hands on those boys and squeeze 'em!!

Good luck with the second leg of the trip! (It's snowing like CRAZY here...hopefully you don't run into any of that!!)