Friday, February 13, 2009

We made it!

We made it to Ohio in great time! The boys again surprised us and did awesome with the long car ride! Just as we pulled in Grandma DeMosses driveway, so did Lee's parents, sisters and their families and his brother Nick. Great timing! We were all so excited to finally be here.

Tonight we ate dinner with Lee's cousin Charlie and his wife Danielle. Lee and Char were bestest buds growing up and have remained really close even though since high school they have been many miles apart! They are such neat people! Danielle and I even share the same birthday a year apart! We get along so great it's super hard to be so far away.... especially since they have 3 adorable boys, Joshua, Ryan and Andrew! The boys had a great time playing and Josh even beat Lee at Wii boxing!

The Christie Family
Andrew, Danielle, Ryan, Charlie and Josh

The boys got to bed really late because they got their second wind when we got back to Lee's Grandma's house. We have a big day tomorrow, so more pictures to come!

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